Mariscos El Coleguita

"Los Mejores Mariscos de la Bahia...  The best Seafood in the Bay..."
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The "109" is now "119", but stil a terrific value. Where else can you get a bottle of tequila on the table, soup salad, seafood entree, dessert and an after-dinner liquor for only 119 pesos? We love it!

Manager Roberto knows how to take care of his customers, give them a solid meal at a fair price and throw in some extras! Locals refer to it as Cafe 109 because of the $109 peso price on most of the HUGE entrees. The Mignon del Mar is my personal favorite; strips of white fish filet are rolled up with scads of shrimp, wrapped with bacon and then the resulting "patty" is fried to get a golden crust. Three of these w/3 different sauces. Absolutely amazing.

Good solid food, healthy portions & good service. Dinners include, tequila, coffee liqueur & cream drink and fried banana desert. Most dinners are 109 pesos. Definitely the most for your money anywhere on the Bay.

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